Be the SHIFT you want
to see in the world

Have you ever wondered:

  • is your job the right one for you?
  • how you can make your life less stressful?
  • about moving away from the city or out of an apartment?
  • where your food comes from?
  • how to keep hope and be happy in a world full of business as usual zombies?

Just like the butterfly, the smallest shift can have the biggest effect.

We are preparing for you a collection of simple SHIFTS.


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Life SHIFT: How to?

There are moments when we realise something is wrong. Both inside and outside, between our world slowly dying and our own little lives seeming ever more futile in the grand scheme of things.

Alas, we live in a world where positivity, productivity, success and happiness have been made mandatory: If you don’t feel good, just do some mindfulness exercises, track your habits, eat more veggies, and everything is going to be alright. Nothing to report, please carry on.

To keep a certain level of sanity, we tend to bottle up our bad feelings and convince ourselves to keep going on for a while longer, forcing ourselves to smile along the way. But every time these feelings of unease bubble up again, they take up more space and it becomes harder and harder to ignore them.

Fortunately, there is a whole world between this artificial happiness and the dark clouds of “the end is near”. There are a number of ways to feel real peace and joy in this difficult world, to make our quest for sense more enjoyable.

Living a rich life is not only possible, it is also within everyone’s reach. We can all make our own choices, communicate, share, experiment. So where do we start?

That is the purpose of the World Shifters project: To share tips and experiences from people following a quest for sense, the little treasures we find along the way, as per the adage “shared joy is a double joy”.

We will share “shifts” in various areas, from lifestyle to spirituality, from food to habitat.

Do not hesitate to write us about topics that interest you, we will make sure to address them as a priority.

May the SHIFT be with with you.